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This website is sponsored by Nielsen Magic.

This is a site dedicated to MAGIC POSTERS ONLY.

Nielsen Magic has been in business since 1956. However, it was in 1990 that Norm Nielsen (the founder of Nielsen Magic) started collecting magic posters. Currently, we own one of the world's largest collections of original stone-lithographs of magicians. We travel all over the world in search of rare and exotic magic lithographs. One-of-a-kind posters like those of Houdini, Thurston, Kellar and others, grace our personal collection.

As a result of this search, we have become one of the largest rare magic poster dealers in the United States. Through Nielsen Magic and MagicPosters.net we currently sell, trade and buy this material.

Our poster products consist of:

We have a great variety of clients: From magicians who want to decorate their offices and magic dens, to television and movie studios that need that "special print" for their sets. Magic posters are quite unique with beautiful and intriguing artwork. People from all walks of life enjoy magic, and magic posters are a graphical representation of this fascinating craft.

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MUM - August 2001, Vol. 91, no. 3


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