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Billy McComb Autographed Poster Print

Billy McComb is one of the best magicians we have ever seen. At 82, he is still working! He is still asking: "What time is the next show?"

During one of his performances in Las Vegas, photographer John Moehring took several photographs of Billy while he was performing his inimitable Vanishing Cage trick

John took a series of photographs, put them together, and the result is sheer magic. From this montage, we can see the effect from start to finish: Billy instroduces his mouse Harvey, pulls out the cage, covers the cage with a translucent handkerchief, shows the cage under the handkerchief to the audience, then....very slowly....the cage vanishes.

The result was so beautiful, that we asked John permission to reproduce this image, and we asked Billy to sign them. Billy was delighted to sign these with a large silver marker, and his "bunny out of a hat" signature.

We are now offering giclée prints of this photograph. (Copyright - John Moehring)

  • The photographs are printed on high quality canvas.

  • We used the highest quality UV / Pigmented Inks to avoid fading and for the poster to last a lifetime.

  • The photograph is personally AUTOGRAPHED by Billy McComb.

  • The photographs are numbered as well.
  • The size of this piece is 12" x 35".

Billy McComb - Autographed Photomontage
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